Fun Walk 2010

A day of journey around and around taking in the beautiful scenery of our school. A day of competing against one another, yet working together to raise funds. A day where friends could take a leisurely stroll, chatting about absolutely nothing, but enjoying every minute. A day of rivalry as many see who can run or walk around the school the most. The Fun Walk was this day and I, for one, certainly enjoyed it.

The Fun Walk of 2010 started off with rain. Most thought it would be cancelled, but the rain soon stopped and we started only half an hour late. The end of the Fun Walk came fast, but as they say: “Time flies when you’re having fun”. The end of the Fun Walk did not mean the end of the fun however. After everyone had put some hard work in racing around the school, we all enjoyed well-deserved food. The sizzling of meat on a fire and the joy of being social with friends were all the culmination to a truly awesome day.

I truly believe that next year will be bigger and better than this year’s Fun Walk! So come and join us; and have the time of your life!

Thank you to all who participated, be it as a runner, a walker, a spectator, or a sponsor. We appreciate it!

We managed to raise R12 500.

The Jonathan Learning Centre raised the most funds. The Gideon Learning Centre walked away with the prize for the most attendance. CJ Jansen van Rensburg and Magdeli van Niekerk won the prizes for the best dressed boy and girl. Mimette van Niekerk was the mom who walked the most laps and the dad was Steve Wilsenach. Well Done!
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