Centurion Clean Up Project 2009

As our community service for term 2, the john Learning Centre was part of the Centurion Clean-Up project and have been cleaning up Aletta Street.

This has been very successful and we believe that the street looks much better.

It has also been great fun and very interesting exploring all the different things people just throw on the ground. We found lots of cigarette butts and boxes, many beer cans, several take-out meal boxes, gum wrappers and a dead dormouse we affectionately named “Bob”

Although fun, this is also rather exhausting, standing our there in the sun in our school uniform, and we are glad that we have a rest in the holidays. However, we can all still help clean Centurion up.

We hope that you will join us in this initiative so that we can all love in a clean, healthy world.

By Tamaryn Robinson,2009
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