ABBA House Outreach 2009

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What as awesome experience. On Friday, 28 Augusts, we went to the ABBA House. There we saw little children who were abandoned. It was sad to see these little children who were soooo …. Cute, being abandoned. I am very glad we (Matthew LC) had the opportunity to go there. Lesego

Our trip to ABBA House was an eye opening experience for me. We got to see how harsh the real world can be. When I saw those babies I thought how any one can just give up their baby, but we heart that people can sometimes not support their babies and that giving up their baby is better than letting them die. All that those babies really need is love and attention. I'm glad we could give them that while we were there! Tamzin

We really need to be thankful for everything that we have compared to the families of those children at the ABBA House. It was a very good experience to see the people at the ABBA House caring for those babies. Thinus

My visit to ABBA House was wonderful! When you think of orphanages, or facilities such as ABBA House, you often think, Aw, shame, these children must be suffering! But they really weren't! They were taken care of so nicely! I'm so glad I got to visit the ABBA House with my class, and could give them what they needed most – we fed them, held them, and played with them. It was awesome! Nikita

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