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Founded in 1997, Centurion Christian School came from a humble beginning: three Level 0 children in a garage. In 1998 the School moved to the premises of the Apostolic Faith Mission in Raslouw.

In 1999, the School moved into newly built facilities on the same premises. These facilities stand as a testimony of the love and faithfulness of our Heavenly Father, because during the same year that the AFM did the planning for these facilities, our first grade 1 children were born!

In the year 2002 the school's facilities were further expanded to host more than 130 children. Now, in 2005, CCS has 200 children and is expanding even further.

Initially the School adopted the principle of organic growth, but now accommodates children of all grades. The School also uses the School of Tomorrow learning and teaching support materials and has entrenched its use in its Constitution. Since 2001, the school principal has been Thea Mostert, and Elicia Topham is the administrator. Centurion Christian School is a Parent Body School.

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Mandate Scripture

"You are the light of the world" and "Let your light so shine before men that they may see your moral excellence and your praiseworthy, noble, and good deeds and recognize and honor and praise and glorify your Father Who is in heaven." - Matt 5:14+16


To equip children for life through Biblical Education to become agents of change.



(Our Vision and Mission are under-girded by a number of significant Values.)

Our main aim is to provide quality education through affordable individualized Biblical Education.

* Equip children for life:

We believe that all children must be given the opportunity to grow according to their God abilities and through Biblical Education we lead children to develop in character and competence. Spiritual development should not be an annex to education but the very heart of it.

We aim to be an extension of the homes and churches of all families involved in the school.

* Unity

We strive for a relationship between the CCS team, the home, and the church, built on mutual respect, commitment, and loyalty.

Our excellent academics, life skills training, sport, and character guidance, ensure the full development of each learner.

* Discipline and moral conduct:

Codes of Conduct for staff and students and a Character Guidance Route display our heart of guidance towards wholeness, submission, and obedience to God in stead of mere punishment for mistakes.

We endeavour to impact the less privileged community in our area by outreaches and bursaries and we commit ourselves to establishing similar schools within Centurion and beyond.

* Serving the community:

All people matter to God, and our students are taught how to reach out to the community through evangelistic outreach, projects, and community service.


* Dedication to God:

Dedication to God is the daily submission and surrender of the entire self to His Lordship, active prayer lives, dependence on and obedience to God for discernment and wisdom, and displaying the 60 character traits of Jesus in our daily lives.

We strive to manage the school under the headship of the Lord, to display Godly stewardship in management, finance, education, etc. and to lead by example as servants of God.

* Relationship:

We will conduct all affairs with integrity, accountability, truthfulness, uprightness and honesty.

* Passion:

Our passion is to live out our vision, fulfill our Mission and apply our values daily to the glory of God.

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